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Rule 34 Shop is a jewellery and clothing label designed and assembled in Sydney by Australian-based artist, Amie Wee.

In 2016, Amie created "Rule 34 Club" - a monthly performance art night that focused on the concept of "Rule 34" (meaning: if it exists, there is porn of it).

Amie designed a few tshirts for a laugh and realised there was clearly a demand for Rule 34-inspired jewellery and apparel.

She strives to create wearable art that is unique, bold, filthy, fearless, funny and will always receive a double-take from strangers on the street.

In the true spirit of "Rule 34", her designs take inspiration from the seemingly mundane and give them a cheeky, erotic and absurd twist.

All of Rule 34's pieces are created in Australia and is made in small, limited edition runs by a local manufacturer where possible. 






The show: Rule 34 Club